Thursday, February 05, 2009

Quick Funny

I took the boys to the doctor today because of a cold that has turned into sinus infections. It was the first time our beloved doctor has seen Bright since he began to talk (to people outside of our family). She talked back and forth with him for a minute and then looked at me and said, "Anita, do you know this child talks with a Ghanaian accent?!" LOL! I'm telling ya'll, Bright TOTALLY has a Ghanaian accent even though he came home before he spoke any Ghanaian or English words (20 months old--late talker)!

I sometimes forget about the accent because it's just him. But it does make me feel a bit less crazy when other people notice it too! It's not just his accent. He also refuses to call candy anything but "toffee" and a cookie is a "biscuit." That child took a lot of Ghana into his soul for the short 20 months he was there. And I LOVE it!



Nicole Anderson 1:25 PM  

That is such a cute story!

mary grace 5:37 PM  

That cracks me up!

Rachel 7:52 PM  

How funny! Jayden also came home before he spoke Spanish or English. But, he often speaks English with Spanish grammar. He also says some English words the way a native Spanish-speaker would say them. We can't figure out where that came from! I guess these little guys just soak up a lot more than we give them credit for!

Nicole Anderson 11:28 PM  

Anita, I wanted you to know that I tagged you on my blog. See the tagged post for details.