Tuesday, April 28, 2009


**To those of you with larger families, what kind of detergent do you use? Do you use the amount suggested, or a lesser amount? As my kids grow (and as we add #4) my laundry tasks are growing! I've noticed we're going through detergent and fabric softener (liquid) much more quickly. Up to this point we've splurged with Tide detergent and Downy fabric softener. But I want to save some money. What do you suggest?!

**I'm looking for a good pair of sandals! I have foot issues (Planter's Fasciitus) so it is VERY difficult to find a pair of shoes that are comfortable to me. I have severe heel pain. Crocs are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn but, alas, I have to admit that I feel the desire to move on. Wal-Mart had piles and piles of Croc-like shoes for $1 the other day. If us wally-world customers are no longer buying crocs they are VERY out! LOL! Anyway, if you know of a very comfortable shoe for the summer, let me know! I don't "do" thong-like shoes (between the toes) but am open beyond that.

**I am officially sick of being fat and sedentary. I sit at the computer all day and haven't been taking care of myself. I've got a Wii Fit that just sits there most of the time. Last week I got off my rump and started. Very small. Like 6 minutes of Yoga small! But it's amazing how quickly your body gets used to moving again--and how good it feels! Today I did 40 minutes, mostly aerobic. One of these days the Wii Fit is going to do my body test for the day and NOT say "that's obese" in that smart alec way! LOL!

**We are in a holding pattern with #4's adoption. Everything is turned in to court so I'm just waiting for a date. It won't be this week but I'm hoping for sooner rather than later (obviously)! Regardless, I am counting down the days until I will hold her again--hoping to be in Ghana in the next 3 weeks or so in order to escort two precious ones home.

How's that for a random blog post?


Shonni 7:44 PM  

Wow, that was a great random blog. I have a front loader, because our 20 year old top loader washing machine broke down. I have tried A LOT of things, and still come back to Tide and a scoop of Oxyclean (it sure helps with stains!). I just use Bounce for softner, but now that the weather is getting warmer (relative here in Colorado), I like to hang my clothes outside...just because it is a good excuse for me to get outside!!!!

Kristin Jag 8:58 PM  

Okay..so, I go with the cheapest HE detergent at Costco, otherwise I use Tide and I don't use all the detergent that they say. With the HE, you already use less (like half an inch) and I am sure you could do that anyway. I also throw in a small(very small) scoop of Oxyclean and if it is a stinky load(yucky basketball clothes or pee-TMI I KNOW!!- some vinegar b/c it takes the smell out!

Regarding shoes...I LOVE my Chacos and I have the ones that aren't around your big toe. I talked my mom and Daron into splurging on them before Ghana and they loved them too. The great thing about them is that you can throw them in the washer and let them air dry afterwards and they also don't show any wear and tear. I have had them for 4 summers now and wear them all the time. Mine are black and I am trying to talk Daron into the brown for me but I have no excuse since they are holding up so well. They take a day or so to get used to, but then they will be heaven and you don't even feel them. Actually Greta and Fia have them too(great deals at REI.com)

There are my random comments!

Michelle 8:59 PM  

We have a high efficiency frontloader too and get the super cheap costco brand detergent that weighs more than my 2 year old. LOVE oxyclean, but just spray it on stains and we use bounce (the real bounce). The costco detergent lasts us forever!

Renee 9:45 PM  

Sorry to be unoriginal but we use the Costco brand for our HE washer/dryer too.

I love flip-flops so I can't help with the shoes.

Congrats on getting started exercising. Small steps are the way to start. Too many people start too fast and then burn out.

I can't wait to hear more about #4. Will be praying.

Cora 9:51 PM  

I actually started making my own laundry soap and it works for us and is pretty easy to make. It is only the 2 of us but my sister in law uses it and has 3 kids and loves it. It is like $3 for 2 gallons and I have a reg.washer and use about 1/2 cup. But I have not given up my Downy yet.
I still wear Crocs, my Wii fit mocks me every time I step on it and we are in a holding pattern in Burundi just waiting for some little bit of info to come our way.
So in other words I totally relate to this random post how weird is that?

KamPossible 12:35 AM  

Shoot, I've been feeling guilty about being sedentary. Now I feel like I have to motivate myself.

thecurryseven 8:58 AM  

I use Charlie's soap when I have it on hand...otherwise I use just a couple of TBSP of Tide. For fabric softener I use white vinegar. (We also have a front loader.) When I had a top loader, I still only used half of the detergent that was recommended.

Sarah 10:08 AM  

We use the Costco detergent as well! They have an environmentally friendly version now that has a lavender scent. For shoes, I found sandals by Fly Flot at either Sears online or Zappos (I can't remember which!). Very comfy; they were the only shoes I wore in Haiti when we went to pick up our daughter.

Jennifer 4:14 PM  

I make my own detergent (have front load machine) and I use white vinegar for fabric softner :)

Cheap and healthy!!!

The Eisele Family 5:03 PM  

Okay - foot surgery one year ago and still believe the most comfortable shoe (sandal wise) is the Crocs Patra. I actually think they are cute and they come in many different colors. I even sneak them to work to wear sometimes. :)

A. Gillispie 7:40 PM  

WOW! Thanks for all of the suggestions and info! When it was all said and done I went to the Crocs website and totally loved the Patra sandals April recommended. At least I got away from the "classic" crocs design!

Alas, we do not have a high efficiency or front load washer--just the plain jane washer we bought when we got married almost 11 years ago. I had heard from another person that they only used 1/2 the suggested amount of Tide, so I've been using less as well. I like the idea of making my own. Let me know if you have a "recipe" you love! Also, never heard of using vinegar as fabric softener! We are deprived here in Oklahoma--we don't have a Costco. No Costco detergent. =-(

C and G 8:41 PM  

Here's my recipe: it adds up to a whopping penny a load. can't beat that!!!

Laurel 11:48 PM  

We have an HE frontloader also, but we don't use Costco detergent. We use Arm & Hammer, and have used it for YEARS, even before the front loader. We stock up when it goes on sale CHEAP at Wal-Mart or our local grocery store. Not only have we found it to always be the least expensive, but it works GREAT, and it doesn't have over-powering fragrances that bother my very allergic husband.

I've never heard of Oxyclean, and just might have to check that out.

In addition to my 3 pair of crocs (blue, purple, lime green), I LOVE my Berkenstock sandals. They aren't as cushy as crocs, but they may work for you because they have such an amazing arch support, that it might take pressure off the heal.

I don't have a wii ... but have been more motivated this last week to change my eating habits and get some exercise, than I have been in a very long time. I would LOVE an email buddy to help motivate/encourage/kick me in the behind when needed. :)