Sunday, May 17, 2009

House of God and The Stuff We Have

I was just so touched by this blog post from one of the families I've worked with. She so perfectly echoed that "reverse culture shock" that so many of us have after visiting a developing country. I've never thought about that reverse culture shock as it compares to the church.



whenpigsfly 7:52 AM  

Thanks Anita, for sharing that! She did hit it right on the head and I really appreciate that. Even in small churches its amazing how quickly we can become dependent on gadgets or props, when, big or small, our focus needs to be on The Gospel. I think bigger churches can become too used to their easy access to techno-goodies and sometimes smaller churches can get caught in wishing they HAD techno-goodies. What matters most is the LOVE OF JESUS from the teachers to the children..You can ignore the needs of a chld whether you are blasting him with GREAT surround sound and the newest Christian videos, or as you routinely plunk your "Flannel-graph" figures on the board and tell a story which years ealier lost its wonder for you the teacher. The reverse is also true! Little can be MUCH when shared in love. Scripture tells us that it is HIS KINDNESS which leads us to repentance, so the goal is how to BE Jesus with whatever we have at our disposal. That said, I am never more blessed than when I see kids who are already crowded, sharing at what seems to be max ability, reach out, squeeze in a little closer, hand out what they have left to share, and include the next child into the group! Our kids can certainly teach us by thier example too sometimes!