Tuesday, May 05, 2009

May 7th is...

World AIDS Orphan Day.

It is also the day that our case will be presented at court in Ghana!!!!!

P.S. Court dates are VERY often rescheduled in Ghana so we covet your prayers that we are one of the lucky ones that gets through on the first try!


Kristin Jag 6:47 PM  

Woohoo!!!Praying for you!

Salzwedel Family 7:35 PM  

Hooray for court dates! Praying you are NOT rescheduled.

Michelle 8:42 PM  

I believe it is World AIDS Orphan day...even better. I will keep my fingers crossed!

A. Gillispie 8:48 PM  

Oops! Thanks for correcting me Michelle. I fixed it! ;-)

Nicole Anderson 9:39 PM  

I am excited to be hosting a "walk" for World AIDS Orphans Day this year!

Good luck in court!

Jen 10:31 PM  

What a beautiful day to go to court! I am praying you get through the first time!