Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Oh, how I miss her.

Dear Jesus, bring her home safely. Rock her to sleep at night until we get there. Give her someone to kiss her boo boos after she falls. Give her an arm to reach for in the middle of the night, after a bad dream. Keep her loving spirit soft, not calloused over by events in her pastl Give this child an innate understanding that she was fearfully and wonderfully made.
Jesus, rock my baby while I can't.
Whisper sweet nothing into her ear.
As she sleeps at church, may good words seep into her heart!
Lord, pick her up when she falls.
Let her feel no fear.
I'll be there soon Kendi Soon.


Amy 10:30 PM  

Oh geez- you just made me cry Anita! What a beautiful and heart-tugging post!


Bingaling 8:57 AM  

Hang in there Anita!! You are getting SO CLOSE to having her be yours forever!! Soon that court hurdle will be over and then you'll be off to give her hugs and cuddles. And hopefully not much longer after that, you'll be headed back to Ghana to bring her home to meet her Daddy and brothers and sister!!

Praying for tomorrow...

A. Gillispie 2:31 PM  

One word for you Fabu and Chanda.....Ambien. LOL! Gotta go to sleep before it hits you or you wake up to blog posts you dont' remember writing! I was absolutely feeling that way though. It just hit me how badly I miss her. Going on 5 months since I've seen her.

Kristin Jag 6:19 PM  

Ha! Anita, you are too funny! I thought it was so heart felt, which it obviously was, but now it is kind of humorous knowing you had just taken Ambien-I have been there! ;)

A. Gillispie 6:39 PM  

Kristin, my hubby totally cracked up when I told him what I had done. He collects "ambien stories!" One day I woke up and my bathrooms were sparking. I decided at some point AFTER the ambien hit me that they needed cleaning. That was a nice gift to wake up to! My mom takes it too, and decorated her whole house for Christmas one year after it hit her. She woke up and thought my sister and I had surprised her by decorating her house! LOL!