Wednesday, May 20, 2009



Future Mommy

Computer Guru
8 year old girl.
It's funny the things you can learn about your 8 year old daughter by simply taking a good look at her room. Nobody would ever describe Taevy's room as clean, even when it is as clean as she can get it. She is a pack rate. She loves to "play" school (except that she is serious about it) and her room is always covered with school "stuff" hung with thumb tacks on the wall. This child has several passions. She designs clothes on her dress form. She sings like a rock star. She teachers with vigor. She loves to pretend that she is computer programming (like her daddy) or doing adoption work on the computer (like her mommy). She insists that she will have 10 children, six of whom will be adopted through the foster care system. I cannot wait to see who this child grows up to be.