Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcoming Kendi

Our children were so excited to hear last week that Kendi Mabel is officially their sister! I told them when they were all sitting at the dinner table. They all jumped up and ran to give hugs to me and Eric. What a joy it is to see them so happy to welcome their baby sister into the family. Of course, they may not feel exactly the same way when sassy, demanding Kendi Mabel is running around this house in 6 months! LOL!

Tonight at dinner it was Bright's turn to say the prayer. Talking is not his strong suit, so we've been working quite a while on getting him to say his own prayers. Usually, I have to say something and then have him copy me. But I always give him a few seconds to see if he can get going on his own. Tonight he said (with no help!), "Jesus, thank you for the food. Help Kendi Mae come home. Amen." From the mouths of babes...

The other night I walked upstairs to give the kids kisses goodnight and noticed some new items hanging on our stair wall. Taevy had added a few things. I think we'll leave them. =-) [Note, we're doing her room with ladybugs, thus the designs on Taevy's creations.]
I'm so blessed by my children. People (especially those close to us) ask us why we would want to potentially "mess up a good thing" by bringing another child into our family. Their thought is that we've been "lucky" with the first three and our luck is bound to change. I just don't get that logic! My feeling is, I love my husband and children so much. Our life is so wonderful. Why would I NOT want to share that with another child?!


Renee 9:11 PM  


I am so happy for you all!

Cora 9:29 PM  

I don't get that logic either. I am so happy to hear the children's reactions. Can't wait to hear of thier how they get along once Kendi is home.

Kristin Jag 9:43 PM  

How sweet! I love Taevy's artwork and Bright's prayer.

Amy 9:54 PM  

I really enjoyed this post Anita. :) How wonderful to hear about Bright's prayer and see Taevy's artwork. Come on home Miss Kendi!


Ericka 6:12 AM  

I love my husband and children so much. Our life is so wonderful. Why would I NOT want to share that with another child?!


Zimmerman family 10:12 PM  

Those were the same comments we got!! From my dad none the less! Well, as he holds and loves on Victoria, all those thoughts are gone. God is good and you are following him. Keep the faith! It is worth it!

Laurel 9:01 PM  

After 2 kids (boy and girl) everyone thought we "were done".

After 13 kids ... no one even asks anymore.

Laurel :)