Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guess Where I Am????????

I'm at the hospital, where my husband is going to have a kidney transplant sometime tonight!!!!!!! Praise God!!!!!! Please pray that all will go well!

Eric will be in the hospital at least a week. I just learned that there is wi-fi here though, so I won't be completely out of touch.

The kids are SO excited. They were jumping up and down and saying, "Daddy can pick us up again?" Yes loves. "Daddy can go swimming with us again?" You bet!!!

It's surreal to get "the call" after over 2 years of dialysis. Amazing. What a miracle. All because someone made the decision to donate their kidneys if they died.


Adoption Advocates International 5:51 PM  

Anita, thinking of you and your family. I hope all goes well! Keep us posted...Susan PD

Nicole Anderson 6:20 PM  

I am so happy for your family!! I will be thinking and continuing to pray for a speedy recovery!

Nadia 6:21 PM  

praise God!! praying everything goes perfectly without a hitch and he's home and healing in no time!!

keep us posted!

Heather A. 6:31 PM  

Praying for the surgeons hands to be guided by God as they work on Eric. Praying that you have the strength you need through the night and the strength that you need to help Eric heal after the surgery. Praying that family and friends surround you with love and support tonight and in the coming weeks. Praying that your babies have understanding for the recovery and relief now that Daddy is getting his new kidney. And praying that an unknown family has peace because their loved one made a selfless decision to help someone else. Many blessings to you my friend.

At the Foot of the Cross 6:38 PM  

Yahoo! Praying that God's grace covers everyone.

FullPlateMom 6:43 PM  

Praying for your husband. First Kendi, and now your husband. You are one blessed family!!!

We are Grateful!!! 6:44 PM  

Just spent time in prayer and praise and will again in some alone time this evening (my family is going out on a "date night" without me...I am so looking forward to spending some more time with the Lord). So thankful Eric and your wait is being blessed, and so thankful for the donor and their family (may they be blessed and comforted in their loss). May the Lord direct the surgeons hands and may Eric's body receive these new kidneys with amazing recovery and renewed health. Praising and Praying!

Jena 6:52 PM  

Praying for you...

Kerry 6:56 PM  

Anita - what wonderful and long-awaited news! I cannot imagine your excitement (and maybe anxiety, too) right now. I'm praying for you all - for peace and speedy recovery.

Amy 7:18 PM  

We serve an *AWESOME* God!! Great news!!

Salzwedel Family 7:30 PM  

Praise the Lord! I know from following a family that we go to church with how difficult this is. You might want to check out their story at: http://www.kidney4jake.com/

Jen 7:34 PM  

Tears of Joy for you! I second every thing that Heather A said as I couldn't say it more beautifully and perfectly... I am so happy for your family that the time is here. I can only imagine how surreal it is! I continue to stay attached to the internet to keep up with you! (I do anyway, now just have more reason too!)

whenpigsfly 7:49 PM  

I was out for a while and had to pop in to your blog and see if there was news!
I'm still in tears over the events of today.
Tried to call you but the # I had in my phone was not good.
We are praising and praying ferently tonight!
Love to you and to Eric and children

Story of our Life 7:55 PM  

:) YEAH!!! OMGosh I'm sooo happy.

I've had a really hard day and this just made my day!!

love, Gala

Bingaling 8:04 PM  

Praying with you, Anita! What wonderful news after such a long wait! Praying that the surgeons hands are guided by God as they go through surgery...that Eric recovers quickly...and that you all have what you need to make it through recovery time. Praying for the family that made this kidney transplant possible as well. During their grief, you have reason for much hope and joy!
Love you,

Polly 8:09 PM  

Praise God!!!! There are no words to express how thrilled I am for you all. Praying for all to go well tonight and the coming days. All who read this please consider being a donor, a donor saved our daughters life as well.

Renee 8:12 PM  


May God be with you all!

Renee and the whole fam..

Momto14 8:22 PM  

Praise the Lord!!!
On sweet Anita- please please let me know if there is anything we can do for you all from here!

ManyBlessings 8:27 PM  

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Praising God and praying all goes well!!!!

Daniel, Carrie, Carson & Cade 8:27 PM  

Anita, I have been reading your blog and have been in amazement at all you and Eric have accomplished over the last 10 years or so. You both are amazing people and have tremendously huge hearts. i am so happy to hear that Eric is getting a transplant! Please tell Dizzy we are thinking and praying forhim that everythign goes well and that he will be at home in a little over a week, playing with those precious kiddos! Miss you guys!!!

Carrie Risenhoover-Cleaver

Amy 9:11 PM  

My friend- my hands clapped together in prayer for you I read past the first line. I am in tears with joy and gratitude for this huge blessing! Praise God! He is with you!!!! I love you!!!!


In His Dust 10:00 PM  

PRAISE GOD!!!! I am totally crying with such tears of joy!!!! We will be praying for you!!! Love you all!

Cora 10:02 PM  

Praying for a speedy recovery so that he can go swimming and pick up those wonderful kids!

Take Care, Cora

HS 10:59 PM  

Praying for you guys!!!!

--Mary Grace

Pineapple Princess 11:43 PM  

Praying and praising God!!!

Andrea 6:13 AM  

Praises and prayers for you all!!!