Monday, July 20, 2009

Thank you Lord!

We have a visa appointment set up for tomorrow in Ghana!!!! I'm hopeful that they will deny the visa on the spot so my rep can turn in the I-601 waiver at the same time. Then we will be on the final countdown! Please pray!



Bingaling 10:23 AM  

WooHoo!!! One step closer!

Heather A. 10:27 AM  

Wow!!! Congrats and we're praying hard in IN.

We are Grateful!!! 10:36 AM  


Momto14 10:58 AM  


Kristin Jag 11:08 AM  

I pray that all goes well tomorrow! Is it for sure going to be denied in the first place?

Tricia 1:03 PM  


SupermomE11 1:15 PM  

I am praying that things go quickly and smoothly Anita! This is so exciting for you guys and for HIV+ adoptions in Ghana in general. Yay! :)

Keep the good news coming!!

Andrea 2:53 PM  

Such great news!!!

Cora 4:55 PM  

One more step down, you will have her here before you know it!

whenpigsfly 7:35 PM  

Praying for that NO.....and praying for the YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One more step!
I LOVE Taevy's hair too! It was quite an adjustment for us when Naomi and Rachel cut theirs earlier this year, but now they are sold on short hair!

A. Gillispie 7:52 PM  

Thanks all! Kjag, HIV+ people are automatically rejected for immigration to the United States. =-( So after the visa is denied, then we can file a waiver that will allow her into the U.S.. Pain!

Amy 9:49 PM  

Yea- getting closer!!!