Monday, August 10, 2009

"Gonna Get 12 Kids"

Samren is, at this moment, behind me cleaning up the dining room area and singing, "Gonna get 12 kids, 12 kids...Gonna get 12 kids, 12 kids! Gonna be a good daddy, good daddy. Tellin' ya, gonna be a good daddy."

This child has talked about how he is going to have 12 kids since he was 5 years old. He is convinced of this! He will have "tummy kids" and adopted kids. He will be a pharmacist. He will drive a 15-passenger van (and regularly scouts out these "cool" vehicles when we are driving)! He will have a 5 bedroom house. His children will be 3 kids to a room. His wife is going to stay home and homeschool because "school is painful." [Okay...]. He "practices" being a good daddy all the time and is very concerned when he makes mistakes that it will affect his ability to be a good dad when he grows up.
This is all hilarious to me! But if that's his plan, I hope it works out. And I think that he is so concerned about being a good daddy, shows what a good daddy he has to look up to. =-)

This kid cracks me up.


Cora 3:15 PM  

how sweet. Love that picture.

Chrissy 6:27 PM  

That's a great goal! I know my mother in law always said she wanted 8 kids... she has 4 tummy kids and 4 adopted! I believe him! :)

Chrissy 6:27 PM  
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Bingaling 6:47 PM  

What a cutie! That means you're going to have a lot of grandkids, Anita!!

whenpigsfly 8:09 PM  

He and Naomi keep having lots in common as they grow Anita.maybe those 12 grand children will be Gillispie-Smiths!!!!

Michelle 6:01 AM  

how funny! Lilianna wants us to have 17 kids so we can have a bus! I recommend video taping him singing that song for future blackmail usage!

Deborah 6:08 AM  

This is so cute! It is proof positive that he has a wonderful Daddy to look up to - I agree.
You are all in my prayers as you wait and wait.

Beckie Sibley 9:48 AM  

A boy after my own heart! I always wanted twelve children after reading CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN in fifth grade. Hugs to Samren.

Our Family 3:32 PM  

How cute! What a tender hearted little guy you have there.

We are new readers to your blog, but I wanted to say hi. We just started a blog as well and if you (or any readers) are interested, feel free to stop on by. You can find us at Thanks!

Jamey 7:19 PM  

Hey Anita..this is Stacy. How sweet is your little man! So proud for you and Eric! Can't wait to see Kendi home and your fam complete!

Laurel 12:53 AM  

You'll have to show him our family blog. :) We didn't quite stop at 12, but 13 isn't bad either. We drive a 15 passenger van, that we have named "Clifford the Big Red Van", and we have homeschooled the kids for the past 19 years.

Maybe Jim can be his mentor ... and tell him all about being a daddy to a dozen kids. :)

Don't squash those dreams ... you never know what the Lord's plans are for each of your sweet children. I knew when I was in 4th or 5th grade that I was going to have an extra-large family.


Laurel :)

A. Gillispie 3:20 PM  

He is such a cutie. And you have to imagine him saying it all without being able to say an "r" sound. =-) I definitely don't discourage him! I want tons of grandkids, and if he has 12 himself I figure I'll have at least 2 dozen when it's all said and done, right? Ha!

Stacy, thanks for reading the blog old friend. Sorry about the 4th. Girl, I just look so different now, I got cold feet. =-(

Our Family 12:24 PM  

What a kind plumber you had. I send him my thanks as I am sure you do. If I were closer, I would have loved to help you out. Having been raised by a plumber, I think I could open up my own business by this point if I had the license!