Monday, August 10, 2009

So frustrated!

I am so FRUSTRATED with my daughter's previous teachers! She has no idea how to answer questions in complete sentences and she's in third grade! URGH!

1. "Why did Taevy have a difficult time with language skills?"

Taevy's answers would be....
"Because there were low standards at her old school."

"Because she doesn't know how to write a complete sentence."

"Becaues she doesn't know that the SUBJECT must be included in a sentence."

2. "Why does mommy make Taevy answer over and over again?"

"So I can learn."

"Because I have to do better."

"So I can go to college."

URGH!!!!! If I see one more sentence that starts with "Because" or "So" I think I will flip! LOL!

P.S. Whew. She just brought me 4 out of 5 actual true sentences as answers. Woo-hoo!


Kait 1:37 PM  

One thing I can remember a language arts teacher making us do is write an essay and then make a list of the first three words of every sentence. Anything that started with So, Because, or And, had to be changed and if we had two sentences in a row with the same starting three words, we had to fix those.

We did the exercise once but it forced me for the rest of my essay writing days to pay close attention.

At the Foot of the Cross 3:03 PM  

It may be that the teachers had lower expectation...but if you are dealing with an ADHD type kid -- they often don't like to write and it's hard.

Alex is 12 years old and struggles with writing (all aspects from handwriting to organization to expressing ideas clearly) -- he's been in public school, homeschool and Christian school. He's a high average IQ student. I think computers are the answer for him and many ADHD type kids.

Do some googling on ADHD, writing and homeschooling.

whenpigsfly 8:07 PM  

Kait had a teacher similar to mine in Detroit public schools in the
60's and 70s!!! You've identified the problem, and I don't think it will be hard to correct really. its just as easy to start a sentence correctly as it is incorrectly, and actually easier once she realizes she will have to FIX the incorrect ones; using "because " doens't really shorten an answer by nuch anyhow. It is truly too bad that teachers responsible for TEACHING CORRECTLY, didn't One way I helped our children to remember not to start sentences with "because" or any other repeated word was to make up a story that started with the same few words...every sentence and then make up or read a story that was written in a way that caught the interest of the reader and held it. Even very young children recognize what interests them and what looses them in terms of what is read to them. They will benefit from your excellent ability with words, as mom, and now even more so, as techer!!!!

Nicole - Raising Animals 6:13 PM  

It's a good thing that you're worrying about it now....I work with 7th and 8th graders in my student teaching who need to be told every day to "include part of the question in your answer." And every day I'm met with "uh?" Grrr...