Sunday, August 09, 2009

Love You, Fabu!!!!

Look what came in the mail for Kendi! Babylegs!!! I had said last week how cute I thought these were and my dear friend Amy "Fabu" sent three pairs of them as a baby shower gift for Kendi! Baby #1 gets tons of showers and gifts. Baby #2 still gets some. Baby #3 got a few from close family members. Baby #4....well people assume we have everything we need (which is mostly true). But it was so touching for someone to remember that Kendi is SO SPECIAL and SO UNIQUE even though she is #4! Thanks Amy Fabu!

P.S. Taevy is in love with these! She's asking for some of her birthday. She loves that look of leg warmers/arm warmers and would wear them constantly. I told her after Kendi wears them maybe they can share. =-)


Kristin Jag 10:21 PM  

Love it! Great ones you picked out Fabu, some of my favorites too! And Anita, my almost 7 year old and 8 year old still wear them around on legs and arms; they are a good investment!(and gift!)

Momto14 9:06 PM  

they are adorable
so lovely for a gift

Amy 9:29 PM  

Somehow I did miss this! I'm glad you like them!!! Can't wait to see you lil' Diva sporting them. :)