Sunday, August 09, 2009


Scams stink, and unfortunately they are entering the Ghana adoption world. Someone recently contacted me because someone in Ghana had emailed her saying that an orphaned boy from Sudan had run away to Ghana (a 7 year old boy!) with a box of $12 million. He was stuck at the airport and they needed $500 to get him out of the airport with his box of money. This woman's name and email was taped onto the boy's box. They needed her to help the boy get out of the airport so that he could be adopted.

Pretty clearly a scam, right? Well, that's not so obvious to everybody. So I got a call from someone who was genuinely concerned that there may be a boy "stuck" in Kotoka International Airport. I explained that it was a scam. But the woman didn't want to hear that. She wanted to believe the story. I sent a detailed message with links to similar scams on the internet. I warned her never to call their numbers or give them her number, because they could try to steal her identity. I never heard back from her.

Then yesterday I started getting calls from Ghana, from the scammers. The woman, for whatever reason, gave these people my name and phone number. Nice. And I'm assuming she told them that I said it was a scam. So I got dozens of calls from Ghana yesterday. They started out nice, and once they realized I was not going to be scammed, they became very mean. They ended up threatening my life and my family's life. It's a little scary to have a man in Ghana screaming at you at the top of his lungs saying, "I will find you! I will find your family and you will DIE for what you have done!"

I highly doubt that they could find our family or do anything to us. But just to be safe I now have a new phone number with no address attached! And we're saying a few extra prayers for a hedge of protection around our family.



Bingaling 6:57 PM  

Ugh! Yucky! I guess now I know the reason why you changed your phone number!

Jen 7:47 PM  

Oh my word! How horrible! That is totally crazy...

We are Grateful!!! 8:32 PM  

Disgusting and ridiculous. It makes me mad to think they continue to use children or the threat on a child (stuck in the airport) to make money. How sad of them.

Kristin Jag 10:19 PM  

Geesh! That is awful; I was wondering why you changed your number. Sorry it had to be this!

bbqdaisy 10:50 PM  

Not sure of an appropriate word or response to that ... HORRIBLE ... CRAZY!!!! I can picture it but my heart can't accept it!
Saying prayers of protection for you!

KamPossible 4:52 PM  

I think Forest Gump had a saying about this....

Heather A. 6:30 PM  

Why, why, why would anyone do that??? Boundaries anyone? How completely inappropriate to give out someone else's information!

Laurel 12:55 AM  

I am shocked, but not surprised, by the scammers. But, I am appalled that this woman would give out your information. That is HORRIBLE!

Sorry this was so scary for you!