Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big Brudder

Samren came into big brotherhood rather reluctant. In fact, it took him a good six months to say with his mouth that Bright was his brother. Bright is not what he signed up for. He was a baby that couldn't play, plus he was a hitting bully. And at the bottom of it was that Samren was mourning the (older) brother he has in Vietman but will never know. We had a breakthrough around 6 months after Bright came home, and since then Samren has claimed Bright as his very own brother (although still doesn't always LIKE Bright).

Samren is our struggler. But he also overcomes. He struggled to eat as a baby. He beat it. He struggles because of his very small stature--but doesn't let it get him down (ha! no pun intended!). Samren can't quite say his "r" sounds yet, but by golly he sure works hard at it. I will be happy for him the day he can say "world" but it will also be sad that I'll never hear "Wooold" ever again! Sammy struggles with writing well. Something left over from when he was sick. He just doesn't have good finger strength. But he has improved a TON this year. [At homeschool the teacher has time to make him do it again if it isn't good enough.]

One of Samren's greatest struggles has been learning to read. He's SO motivated! But he missed something at a crucial time during his time at public school. I kick myself, because I taught Taevy phonics basics before she went to public school and she soared right through reading (but doesn't like to read yet, oddly enough). Samren missed out on the basics of phonics. And now he knows enough to read by site memory, a lot of words. All this to say, going back and teaching him phonics has been a lesson in frustration.

The thing is, Sammy LOVES to read. He has books on his Christmas list. He saved up the most he ever saved up ($15) and ended up buying a $10 book. It just makes my heart soar to see this little guy missing lots of words but NOT GIVING UP! I don't worry that Samren will eventually be a good reader because it's something that he loves to do.

Being the good "brudder" (as Kendi would say), Samren regularly reads to the little ones. Do I really care if he's sitting in front of a Nativity and Christmas lights reading a Thanksgiving book? Nope! Read on, my boy!! You will conquer the challenge of reading just like you conquer all of your other challenges!

P.S. Did you see the cutie-patootie family ornament for 2009? We had it made at a local craft show. I made it the blog banner picture. =-)


Nina 10:34 AM  


My daughter had may of the same learning issues as Samren....WE used the Zoophonics program and she is now the top reader in fourth grade! You can find some of the program for free on the internet.

We are Grateful!!! 6:18 PM  

I feel like i've been away (from checking dear friends blogs) for a long time.
Love your sweet family (and your posts!

whenpigsfly 11:10 PM  

Sweet Samren! My malachi didn't click with reading till he was 11, no kidding and he was born and raised in an Englsih speaking, book loving home schooling environment. He loved beign read TO, but not phonics and reading. Calvion and Hobbs cartoon books did it for him... a suggestion from Sonlight Curriculum and along with ALPHA PHONICS, we finally had reading success. HE would let me read anythign to him, all day long, as long as I didn't as kHIM to read. At 21 he is Dean's List at OSU and I could not be more proud!! I love the photos of Samren reading to the other kiddos. Your Kendi sweeping photos are so sweet as well!
looking forward to having your kiddos come visit,

Our Family 6:07 PM  

Great job Samren! Keep on reading!

I sent you an e-mail that you can check when and if you get the time. It was sent to your personal e-mail address. (-: Happy Holidays, Angela

A. Gillispie 10:28 PM  

Nina, I loved hearing your success story! I used Phonics Pathways (very simple/basic) with great success with Taevy. But Samren is a whole new ball game. I'll take a look at Zoophonics!

Tami, love your sweet family too. =-)

Linda, I will check out Alpha Phonics as well. Thanks! YES--Samren is the same way with comics. He loves them. We even got him a version of the Bible that is in comic book format.