Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas #1

Today we enjoyed our first family Christmas gathering of the year--my extended family on my mom's side. My Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jim are two of the people I respect most in the world, so I always love seeing them. I also secretly hope for their approval of my life and my family--want to make them proud. =-)

Except for my double chin, I thought this pic was pretty good. We got Kendi smiling (thanks to a little tickle from mommy)!
This one of my parents cracks me up. My step-dad is 6'4", and my mom is about 5 feet. This is what you get when Dennis is standing on the UPPER stairs in the shot. We had to change this around.
My uncle and aunt's stairs were made for this particular kid picture, don't you think?The boys looked uber cute in their matching sweater vests. So handsome!Bright and Kendi decided to dress up as gifts. I suppose they are...The kids were blessed with some wonderful gifts. My mom had new eating/craft trays custom painted with their names on them. My aunt and uncle gifted them with "If You Give a ______ and ______" books and matching stuffed animal (moose/muffin, pig/pancake, cat/cupcake, mouse/cookie). What a perfect gift! Finally, all of the children received a reindeer from my mom. She gets them one every year. They have quite a collection now!My children are so blessed to have the grandparents they have (on both sides). They adore all of their grandmas and grandpas. You can tell that Kendi and Bright love their Grandma B. just a *tiny* bit.And just because I love his eyebrows...


Story of our Life 8:32 PM  

oh my gosh. I love Kendi's funny look in the pic w/your aunt/uncle. Like "common on...enough of the pictures already...we already know I'm the BEST and the PRETTIEST Diva around!!"

BTW: ALL and I mean ALL the pics are lovely.

Keep dressing that big girl in CP clothes as LONG as she will let you. Just a thought, you know. B/C it is my fav store and all and my big girl laughed hysterically when I suggested we get the SAME outfit for our kids.

:) Lovely family Anita!!

FullPlateMom 9:28 PM  

Bubbly and our Diva will be wearing the same dress as Kendi on Christmas Eve. I love it! Great minds and all...

A. Gillispie 9:34 PM  

Taevy LOVES Children's Place. She learned about CP from her mommy, who only discovered the wonders of this store a few years ago! I usually only buy CP stuff on sale, but at Christmas we splurge because I can get coordinating outfits for all the kiddos! Tell your big girl that my big girl thinks Children's Place is the COOLEST!

A. Gillispie 9:36 PM  

FPM, LOL! I ADORE those polka dots! When I went to buy the dress a mom took the last one of Kendi's size (off the display no less). Thankfully they had another in the back! Now you must post pics of Bubbly and Diva with their CP dresses on. =-)

whenpigsfly 11:10 PM  

What great photos Anita!!! We too love CP and what few years I got all my youngers in matching outfits it was CP matches . SO much fun!

Tricia 12:13 AM  

Beautiful pictures Anita.

Renee 10:26 AM  

The pics are so beautiful!!!! You are so blessed!