Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dream Come True!

My mother-in-law just gave me one of the best Christmas presents I could ever hope for.

When I was 5 years old my family bought an old heavy upright piano for me to play. The story goes that not long after that my mom walked by and heard me playing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. She said, "Anita, where did you learn that?" I said, "Mommy, I hear the music in my head." Thus began my love of music.

I took piano lessons off and on in childhood, but never really got serious about it. Once I was old enough to play in band I started French Horn. It was easier and I was lazy. I could "hide" in a band, rather than always playing solo. I eventually played horn through college, getting my degree in Music Education.

But my love of piano never went away. It feeds my soul. My mom was a Children's Minister when I was growing up. Every day after school I went to the church until she was off work. Long afternoons were spent in the sanctuary playing the piano. When I am sad, there is nothing (and I mean NOTHING) that soothes my soul more than sitting in front of a piano, closing my eyes, and allowing my fingers to play whatever comes. Not a digital piano. Not a keyboard. But a real piano, with imperfections, and wood, and vibrations.

I sold my old upright piano for $200 before I bought my first car. And since then I haven't had the opportunity in life to own my own. No space. No money. Whatever.

As the years go by I get more and more desperate to have those keys under my fingers again. I started looking on Craig's List a few weeks ago, in anticipation of when Kendi's pack and play would be out of our room. THEN I would finally have room for a little console piano. Not the most common place to put a piano (in the bedroom) but I didn't care! I just wanted a piano. I told Eric I was really serious about saving our pennies to get one.

Tonight Eric mentioned to his mom that we were looking for an inexpensive ($0-$150) piano. Without hesitation she said we could have hers!!!!!! Her little piano is exactly what I was hoping for. Just a pretty little console that would fit in the small space we have. But the dream part? I have secretly hoped for years that someday she would hand that piano down to our family. It was her mother's piano, passed down to her when Eric was a baby. Nobody in their family has a great love for music or piano (except me). I will treasure it always, and care for it through all the years I have it, until it can be passed down to one of our children.

Thank you Melba. I love you.

P.S. Get to give Taevy and Samren lessons now too! Yippee!!!


Laurel 12:28 AM  

How wonderful!

I have played piano since I was four ... but haven't had much time the past few years. Now that we are living a slower & simpler life on the island, I can't wait to get my piano out her.

Funny thing ... I switched to French Horn in 5th grade, and played through high school. I had my own solid nickel silver double horn ... and sold it to buy a 1968 Bug. I've always wished that I could somehow have kept my french horn. :( Do you still have yours?

Blessings to you as you sing Christmas Carols with your children this season! Yea!

:) :) :)

At the Foot of the Cross 7:39 PM  

Have a blast with that piano. Who knows what kind of musical gift one of your kids might have!

Regardless you will have hours of great enjoyment.

My Alex is one of those people who hears music in his head. He can't walk by our piano without stopping. His love is classical -- Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, etc. He can play a pretty mean Entertainer though.

He wants Chopin music for Christmas. Not bad for a 12 year old boy.