Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sometimes the littlest things...

I guess it's true that sometimes the littlest things we do, can end up being the biggest to someone else. We have this neighbor, Kim. She is a really unique person--one of those people who is always very young at heart. She gets out and plays with my kids. She does art with Taevy on her front porch (Taevy's great passion). She is ALWAYS giving my kids little presents from her garage.

I think she's had a rough life. Her husband looks really sick (but I guess is better??). She's got cancer in her leg (but has only mentioned it once and now says it's all good???). She's got some rough kids. There are cussing screaming fights at her house sometimes. It's just....rough. But my kids adore her, and I appreciate anybody who loves our kids.

So last night I sent the kids over with a Christmas Card (the pic at the top of my blog) and signed something like, "We are so glad you're our neighbor. We appreciate you!" The kids said she was REALLY happy and hugged and hugged them. I thought that was nice.

Today Kim knocked on our door. She said she just wanted to say thank you again for the card. She started crying, saying how much she loves our kids, and said that was the first Christmas card she has received in years and years (since she could remember).

Gosh, that's humbling. Such a tiny thing as a Christmas Card was a really big deal to her. It makes me feel so very rich. Not that the postal worker is weighed down with Christmas cards for us, but we are so loved. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't tell me that they love me. How many people in the world don't have that? How many of them live close to you?

[Okay, the Hallmark card commercial is over now!]


Salzwedel Family 9:51 PM  

The commercial is over just in time for me to get a kleenex. Ugh. As if I needed a reason to cry tonight!

What a beautiful story and a great reminder!

Momto14 1:32 AM  

thanks for making me cry Anita!! What a wonderful story... oh my.. the little things DO mean the most!

Terynn 10:09 AM  

It *is* the little things and in a nation with such abundance, it is very easy to forget that.

Somehow, I think God is pleased all around with this simple, holy exchange of love. <3

whenpigsfly 10:13 AM  

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What an awesome Christmas gift!!!
What an awesome Mom-on-Law!!
I don't play it often, I don't play it well, but I am so thankful to have our very old piano on whihc my children learned to play and which I teach myself cords and progressions for music I lead during Praise and Worship at church. It IS precious ot have a piano of ones own and I see many many blessed rich moments ahead for you and yours!!