Monday, March 15, 2010

Amazing Quote

Tonight my attention was drawn to a blog that linked to my "McDonald's" post. The blog owner wrote a pretty great post herself! Check it out HERE. She posted a great quote that I had to pass on here.

"My friends, adoption is redemption. It's costly, exhausting, expensive, and outrageous. Buying back lives costs so much. When God set out to redeem us, it killed Him." -- Derek Loux

Note: Please don't read into the "buying back lives" part! I think we all know he's not talking about money! The cost is so much "other" than money!


whenpigsfly 10:05 PM  

Derek Loux was an amazing person. Don't know if you know or not but he was killed right before Christmas on his way back from a seminar on sexually trafficked kids. He nd his wife have 10 chidlren , several adopted with serious special needs. Thye had bloged about their gifted trip to Disney world shortly before he wsa killed.

Erica 6:13 AM  

I was just going to post about Derek when I see someone else already did. An amazing man of God with precious heart for children now sitting at the feet of His King. Great quote, great blog post by you the other day -

Rachel 11:49 AM  

Thanks for linking to my blog! Nice to meet you and plan to follow you regularly. I have been to your blog before, a while back...but I'm adding you to my blog roll so I don't miss anything! : ) Be encouraged in your work--it is glorifying the King and blessing many!