Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby On The Back

I thought THIS was such a cute post. Click on over to put a smile on your face.

There is nothing that will calm my Ghanaian children down like putting them on my back. Even Bright, at 4.5 years old, will immediately just rest his head on my back if I put him back there (not with a cloth, just by leaning forward on the couch or something). If Kendi is fussy for no reason, I can tie her in the cloth and it is like salve to a wounded soul. It's the place she feels most safe in the world.


Cora 10:15 AM  

Great post. Love seeing all the babies on the backs.

Kerry 7:41 AM  

Makes me miss Ghana. My little one (18 months) loves being carried on my back. I've tried lots of "western" baby carriers and the back is THE most comfortable and the easiest and the cheapest. My piece of batik cost about $8 compared with some wraps that go for $100 here in the states.

Thanks for that link! I really enjoyed those photos.