Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Before I sleep....

Today was a good day. It was a good day and a busy day. But it was busy in a good way!

The morning started out with a nice quiet breakfast (read--less screaming that usual).

The littles went upstairs to practice their dressing skills (read--empty their drawers and try each other's clothes on). After that, they got to practice their folding skills!

Downstairs the big ones obediently opened their school books. We're just doing the very basics right now, instead of taking spring break. I explain their math and English lessons to them and off they go. And they realy worked well today.

By 11:30 the kids had rocked through their school work, so we did preschool stuff instead. Taevy was today's' teacher, complete with her own homemade flash cards. Did you know it is important to know the shape of a T-rex? LOL! They learned about birds. Then they did dancing and games. Ending the lesson with a bit of time on

Lunch: I honestly have no idea what the children ate for lunch. I remember Kendi walking by me with a half eaten cheese sandwich. Somewhere between the t-rex and learning about birds the calls started. But, I was aware enough to see that they were eating. Taevy was playing waitress to everybody as they ordered off of her menu. Can this count as some sort of social enrichment activity? You know...the kids learning to order from a menu and not throw a fit when they don't have what you want?!

Recess: Ahhh....Recess..... I hear the gentle screams of my children as they gleefully play in the backyard. Well, to me it sounds gleeful. Maybe that one certain scream was ore along the lines of torture...but no. It was glee I'm sure. Yes, I'm still talking on the phone.

1:30 rolls around and in my book that means time for little kid nap! I was off the phone for like 45 seconds (I think I was off the phone?) shouting, "It's time for littles to go to bed! Taevy, can you change her diaper? Samren, can you cuddle him in?" And then, I was back into the depths of the phone madness.

My big kids came downstairs and started doing the online portion of their school day ( They love it. So it was quiet enough for me to hear my tummy rumbling! LOL! Phone call after phone call. Sending emails DURING some phone calls. Gotta keep on top of it all, right? No. [[But the last time I wasn't in control over it all I DID lose my kids' birth certificate for two years, so, I'm just saying...]

3:00 rolled around and I got lunch. PB&J! i was so hungry at this point that I didn't even care if I returned a phone call while smacking from my sandwich. Whatever!

The day was pretty much like that until about 30 minutes before we had to leave for Eric. Chore time! So up we go! Sweep! Vacuum! pickup! Fold that load of laundry! Bright, get Kendi's panties off your heart!!!!

But you know why it still feels like a good day? Even though it's midnight now and I could work longer, it was a good day today because I didn't lax on my work. I worked hard from my families. I didn't lapse on my children. I was able to multitask enough at I could direct them to their next activity. I was able to watch the big kids enough to see if they were doing it! LOL!

Most days I'm on the phone 1-1.5 hours, spread out from 8am to 8pm. But today I was on the phone with some one or another from 11:30 to 3:00! Did you know your actual ears can hurt like they have a bruise on them--just from talking on the phone too much?


Cora 10:28 AM  

Glad to here it was a good day, hope you have another today but your ears get a little rest.
I get the losing things after all it was me that lost our homestudies they have got to be somewhere I will probably find them in a couple years :0).
Take Care, Cora

Michelle 12:33 PM  

Thanks for being there for us, advocating for us, and helping us work through all this. You're the best! :-)

At the Foot of the Cross 2:13 PM  

Do you use a hands-free headset I hope?

Teabo Chica 10:42 AM  

Ditto on Michelle! I know I was probally one to bruise your ears ;)! Hugs!