Sunday, March 14, 2010

Something Happy

Amidst all of the "yucky" stuff going on, there is something happy to share. I'm headed to Ghana! Sometime in April. I will get to travel at the same time as two very sweet families in order to share in their court experience. Also, I will be traveling very near where Kendi was born. If time allows maybe I will get to meet her birth family or at least see her home village? I'll be taking pictures for her family, just in case.

Every trip to Ghana carries with it such mixed emotions. I miss my friends there. I miss the smells and the sites and the FOOD! LOL! I don't miss the heat (and April is the hottest month of the year), but if you're going to Ghana you've gotta experience the heat.

We're in such a different place with our family dynamic than we were a year ago. Our whole married lives Eric's mother and father have been our backup caregivers. When I travel to Ghana, they have always stepped in to help with childcare and transportation. But now they are caring for Eric's grandparent's full time. No more grandma/grandpa help is available for childcare (but they will still be able to help with transportation). What to do with four rowdy Gillispies? I honestly didn't know. Not many folks who will take four kids for two weeks, two of which will still need to do their homework, one of which will poop his pants if you aren't careful, and one of which who is positive and needs meds through the g-tube. Not many folks. But my friend Linda? She says bring it on! What's four more?! ;-) Praise God, unless Linda is in Liberia picking up her sweet baby Daniel, my kids have a safe, fun, and familiar place to go. Before talking to Linda I was seriously looking at Craig's List--we are that desperate. Thank you "Aunt Linda."

Before the need came up for me to be in Ghana in April I was thinking about going in August. In my mind, by August, I would have lost plenty of weight and would enjoy the "cooler" August Ghana whether. Oh well. You take Ghana when you can get her!


Andrea 7:17 AM  

Very cool! Have a wonderful trip! :o) And what a blessing to know your kids will be well taken care of! :o)

Michelle 7:28 AM  

How wonderfully fun! I wish I was going to be there in April! haha...I will be refingerprinting in April instead! Enjoy your trip. Sounds like you also found the right new church!

whenpigsfly 9:22 AM  

I am so happy to be keeping your sweet kiddos for you, BUT ONE OF THESE DAYS I really really really want to go to Ghana WITH YOU. Was it really three years ago when we were working on a plan and God said "Not now" by showing me that Naomi was in early stages of pneumonia and her left lung had collapsed?? WOW! Yes it was , my Ghanaian visa stamp in my passsport tells me so!
Super excited for you and your plans,

Heather A. 12:40 PM  

Yeah! I'm so excited for you, but I wish I were going too! Hopefully, maybe. . . . . .

Mama D.'s Dozen 12:15 AM  

Somehow missed this post ... but just saw it on Linda's.

You are BLESSED to have such a special friend close by. I am sure that your kids will have a WONDERFUL time with the SmithSoup family.

My 20 y.o. daughter found a live-in nanny job on Craigslist. Yikes! We were a bit skeptical. But, it has turned out well. NOT where I would look for childcare for my children. :)

Laurel :)