Saturday, May 15, 2010

Random Pics

Little Bit (we all call her this) shares her real smile with the camera.
The hair style of choice right now. Very simple random twists.

It has rained almost every day for the past week. CABIN FEVER! Today it stopped raining for a big and got up to 70. That was good enough for the kids. The water clothes went on and they played in the mud. Poor kids don't REALLY seem to know how to play in the mud. No mud pies! No face painting! What's up?! Kendy, BTW, thought the whole thing was rediculous!
Bread, anyone?
Gillispie Christian Academy: Mismatch Day (their idea)

4:56am the tornado sirens go off. Eric and I hope out of bed and start yelling for kids to get downstairs NOW! We put them all in the closet under the stars (the "Christmas closet, we call it) then turn on the TV to see what the deal is. No tornado. Straight line winds as strong as a small tornado. Good greif, we think (and say under our breaths). As a precaution we pull the kids out of the closet and put them in the entry way to bed down (no windows there). We barely see/hear/feel any wind. We went to bed rolling our eyes. But oops! The next morning we find out that roofs were blown off and other major damage done within 1/2 a mile of us on all sides! We were just "lucky!" Yikes! I guess I won't be so quick to roll my eyes next time.
Favorite snack these days: Nutrella and granola on homemade bread. Like father, like daughter.

Taevy was being creative with the camera. Shadows. =-) The littles are saying "O-U!" (except backwards).


Momto15 11:39 AM  

your bread is looking awesome!