Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm just an old Grandma

Yesterday we walked in the door after bringing Eric home from work and I said, with a sigh, "Well, I better start fixing dinner." Taevy said, "Oh no mom. Samren and I are blessing the family with dinner tonight." Oh! Okay???? Come to find out, Little Miss had decided earlier that she would be the domestic goddess of the Gillispie house and fix dinner for her old ailing parents. She got on her apron, baby in arms, cookbook in hands, and started planning.

Okay honestly, I think this is so cute. But is it weird? Taevy and Samren--siblings through and through--very often play "house." He is the adoring hands-on father and she is the domestic goddess wife. This was their deal last night as they cooked "Grandma and Grandpa" dinner. At one point Taevy was like, "Samren, can you PLEASE come take this baby so I can put both hands to my work in the kitchen?!" Samren: "Oh, coming honey. Why don't I take the baby and the other kids (Kendi and Bright) out to play for a bit so we won't be in your hair." LOL
In the end Taevy whipped up a meal of pork roast (fresh from the pre-cooked microwave package), instant mashed potatoes, and corn. It was good. After dinner "the happy couple" even continued the blessing by washing the dishes!


Mama D.'s Dozen 12:06 PM  


:) :) :)

Erika 12:15 PM  

nope, not weird at all. completely normal and absolutely adorable!

Nicole Anderson 12:23 PM  

That is too cute!

Leanne 12:43 PM  

oh that completely melted my heart - so SO sweet! :)

Deborah 9:57 PM  

Amazing!! "Her children shall rise up and call her blessed..."
You are an amazing Mommy!

FullPlateMom 6:36 AM  

Not odd at all. Juliana and Jaxen (my 3 and 4 year old) play house ALL the time. In fact, Jaxen was very upset when we explained to him that in the future he actually can't marry Juliana.

Very sweet!

Bloggin' Robin 3:55 PM  

I loved it - adorable!