Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mini Vacation to The Akwaaba Gathering!

Well, it's 1am and we leave in about 7 hours, but we're finally almost packed and ready to go! I'm sure we've forgotten something, but I keep reminding myself that this is "just America" and we can get anything we need along the way, no problemo!

We're heading up to Freeport, Il for the 1st (annual???) Akwaaba Gathering. Families that are adopting, have adopted, or are planning to adopt from Ghana are getting together for some fun and fellowship! We've decided to take a slightly longer route so that we'll be driving from Oklahoma, through Kansas City, Des Moines, and then finally on to Freeport.

The trip is about 12 hours (just driving time, not counting stops). We plan to get as far as Des Moines tomorrow, ending the day with a feast at The Machine Shed Restaurant. Yum! We'll get up the next morning and enjoy breakfast at The Machine Shed Restaurant as well (as they are known more for breakfast). Double yum!

After breakfast it's on to Freeport, where we'll kick the weekend off with ballpark food and some wiffle ball with the fams! Our kids are looking so forward to the wiffle ball park!

I'm betting it might be a late night at the hotel on Friday, as several of the families are at the same hotel and might be gabbing 'till all hours!

Saturday is the main event at a local park. The park sounds like a park on steroids, with tons of stuff to do! In addition, we'll have activities like a drum circle, hair care clinic, Ghanaian songs and games, photos taken by a great photographer, a yummy meal, and maybe even a craft for the kids! We can also spend some time hiking, paddle boating, riding the carousel, and (the best part) chit-chatting!

Saturday night we're heading to a local family's house to hang out, eat pizza, play games, and swim. Great way to wrap up the day!

Sunday morning we'll be heading out, with a goal to get to Kansas City before the day is over. Not such a fun day on Sunday. =-(

Monday we're going to skip breakfast and head for an early lunch at The T-Rex Cafe in Kansas City! Have you heard of this place? I had wanted to take the kids to The Rainforest Cafe, but learned that KC's location has closed. Did a quick search for fun places to eat in KC and came across the T-Rex Cafe. I have a feeling this won't be so fun for Eric and I, but I bet the kids will remember it and have lots of fun!

It's a quick 4.5 hours home from KC, so hopefully we'll be back in T-town before dinner on Monday evening.

Not looking forward to all the time in the car, but definitely looking forward to spending time with friends, and making some new ones along the way!



Kait 8:57 AM  

We vacation in Kansas City a LOT (to Great Wolf Lodge) and we've eaten at the TRex place several times. The food is awesome! Our kids love the dinosaurs and we have had a great time every time we've gone.

Enjoy your trip!

Jen 9:00 AM  

Woo Hoo! That sounds awesome! Have a safe trip and we will see you tomorrow!

Mama D.'s Dozen 7:20 PM  

Sounds like FUN!

Maybe we'll have to plan a Road Trip around next years' gathering. We LOVE our Road Trips; but this years' trip is planned for August.

Laurel :)

Lisa 7:44 AM  

LOVE the Machine Shed!!!! YUM! And I love TREX too! a bit pricey, but so is Rainforest. We've been to the one in Downtown Disney. Have a great time!