Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thanks for comments re: Lucy

Thanks for all of the comments on Lucy. Wanted to respond to a few things.

I adore daschund puppies. I don't think there is anything cuter than a litter of daschund puppies. They are just so funny in both looks and personality. Our first to dogs when we got married were miniature daschunds--Ripley and Rowdy. I love how they burrow under the covers (or anything else). I love to see their ears flap in the wind. I love their tails wagging a thousand miles an hour when you come home. They are just happy-go-lucky little dogs. [They are also hard to potty train, love to dig, and are quite yappy, but we'll just focus on the other stuff for now.]

Someone responded with concern over Ki-Ki being around the new puppy. I echo your concern and we are being very careful. I truly believe Kilo/Ki-Ki meant no harm to Jake, but I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said I have no concerns for the future. Even if only an accident, I don't want another accident. Kilo is responding very differently to Lucy than she did to Jake. I don't think she ever really recognized Jake as a dog. She was completely indifferent to him. With Lucy she does all of the appropriate smelling and such. Still, my plans are that the two won't be left alone in the backyard for many months (thinking six)....not until I'm sure Lucy won't be mistaken for a squirrel or a guinea pig (!) and not until they've had a lot of time to build up a relationship. For now, when we leave Lucy will be crated or she will go with us. I don't ever want to go through another traumatic doggy death. One was enough.

And that, my friends, might be the last doggy post for a while. Sometimes I think this has turned into a dog blog. Sorry about that.

P.S. Yes, Eric tries to play tough, but he's always ready and willing to hold her when I ask. ;-)


Cameron and Megan 4:38 PM  

I read somewhere that puppies are dangerous for people with HIV+, is this true?

Cora 6:37 PM  

All dogs have their "issues" We are proud Jack Russel Terror, I mean terrier owners. I think we will always love them despite the challenges. I don't think I said this before but that picture of the puppy and Kendi is ADORABLE!

A. Gillispie 9:29 PM  

Cameron and Megan, our pediatric infectious disease doc has no issues with puppies (or even kittens/cats). For a severely immune compromised person I suppose a puppy could expose them to a few things. My husband is a kidney transplant recipient and was on dialysis for almost three years (read: immune compromised). The kidney folks did say we would need to be careful with cats/kittens because of the litter box and such, but no issues with puppies from them either.

Cora--OH you brave woman! I am so *NOT* a Jack Russel Terror person! We found a JRT once and kept him for a few days until his owner found him. Those were the longest two days of my life! LOL! That little guy NEVER ran out of energy!