Monday, March 14, 2011

Zongo Beach

If you've been to Ghana as a tourist you may have visited the Art and Culture Centre in Accra. It's a maze of hundreds of stalls selling Ghana's hand crafts. Just beyond the Art and Culture Centre you can see the beach. I've never taken the time to walk down there, and I certainly didn't know its name. I think I link to THIS BLOG more than any other site on my blog, but man is Kofi good! Check out pictures of Zongo Beach (who knew?!) here!

I actually looked for an obruni (white person) in the distance shot. Don't think I saw any white arms and legs anywhere. I wonder what the locals would think about my big white hiney hanging out at this beach. I can just imagine the Rasta guys now....



jennine.davidson 9:56 PM  

What great pictures! Thanks for the link.