Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Amy Ferrell!! America's newest Millionaire!!!!

One of my best buds, Amy Ferrell, actually really truly did win the Macy's Million Dollar Makeover! For realz people!!!! You can watch the whole reveal video HERE. Nobody really knew what the prize would be--just that it would value a million dollars. In reality, she won a TON of other very neat prizes (including going to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and a family trip to Italy!) and THEN they handed her a check for $1,000.000!!! I love it! I loved seeing the surprise on her face!

I know I've often assumed that these things are rigged, or the person didn't really deserve to win. That isn't the case here. Amy works HARD to give the very best part of herself to her family and students every day. Today, SHE IS AT WORK! Yep. Teaching Kindergarten. That's why I love her so very much. She's one of my real life heroes.

You deserve it hon, and so much more.


Cora 11:55 AM  

That is AWESOME! Congratulations to Amy and her family!

Nik 6:08 PM  

OMG! I am so happy for her <3 This is just amazing.

Amy 8:59 PM  

Thanks Miss Anita! It was HARD to be at work today in some ways, but in others it was just perfect! I love you and thank you for all of your support! You're a wonderful friend!!!

Fabu, luckiest lady in the world!