Thursday, May 26, 2011

Taevy the Photag

The photographer herself. She has been absolutely obsessed with the camera lately, which is nice because my camera is in the shop AGAIN! I love the symmetry of this one.
Great Bright profile.

Simeon, the cat. She got some really great shots of Kendi one afternoon.
Taevy said she got this one when Kendi was tired of posing! Look at those guns!
I think this one is very cool because of Bright in the background. Couldn't you make up a story about this photo?
Samren is ready to conquer the world!



Mollie 9:23 PM  

wow....taevy has some talent! has she shown any interest in taking a photography class? future career?? as always, your children look gorgeous!

A. Gillispie 9:37 PM  

Yes, I really think this could be a long-term interest for her. She actually has neighbors willing to PAY her to take their pics! She was very inspried by some pics Robin Dodd took of our family last summer and has been all about photos every since then. In general, she is an artist. Can't wait to see what her ultimate choice will be for career--so many options!