Monday, May 30, 2011

Bryan Post vs. Karen Purvis?

Is there anybody out there that is up on the methods of both Bryan Post and Karen Purvis? I've got a FB friend who has been posting comments lately that sound VERY similar to things I'm experiencing with the Post methodology, but I think she is doing Purvis stuff. It makes sense that we would see "variations on a theme" since science is science, but I'm interested to know more! Obviously, time is not on my side at the moment (with upcoming trip) so if anybody is able to give a brief comparison that would be awesome. Or even if you know Purvis stuff but not Post, if you could post the basics of Purvis' teaching, that would rock!


Ericka 5:33 AM  

Anita, I have Karen Purvis' book if you want to read it to compare.
Just let me know: reeka @