Monday, June 06, 2011

Ghana Get Ready!

Okay, T-3 days. It's gettin' for real around here folks!

Today must have been a record mail day. It was crazy! Several large envelopes arrived, in addition to 5 larger boxes and one tall kitchen bag! We've got shoes, and sheets, and clothes, and toothpaste, and more shoes and sheets! I don't know how in the world I am going to separate all of these things between 15 homes that all need all of it. A measly 140 pounds of donations won't go far between that many homes, but it is something. And YOU my friends have provided most of it!

In addition to all of the wonderful "in kind" donations you've sent, some of you have sent funds to be spent in Ghana. Today I received a last minute donation that brought the donation total up by about a third! [If you want to know how much was donated, I am happy to share privately. I figure it's not the best idea to share that on a public blog.]

What has been donated is so much more than I ever imagined would be. Seriously. I am completely humbled. It's not about the amount donated. It's that you took the time to think about the kids in Ghana and *DO* something rather than just sitting on the sidelines. So many times I sit on the sidelines. You inspire me, my friends. I digress....

My daily itinerary is finalized as much as it is going to be finalized. Oddly enough, most everything I hoped would be scheduled a certain way worked out exactly that way. I will be in Accra most of the time, but also get to visit Central, Volta, and Eastern Regions, and Lome, Togo! I'll be over-nighting in Lome, Central Region, and Eastern Region--all new-to-me places to overnight. FINALLY I will get to see Cape Coast area! I will even get to feel like a tourist and sit on the beach one evening.

If you have sent me any sort of mail, and I haven't responded letting you know it arrived, please email me to confirm. I've tried to let everybody know when their stuff arrived.

I think/hope/pray that we have made our last trip to Target. I might as well have given them my last paycheck! It's so fun though--to buy gifts for friends and some extra special stuff for the kiddos.

My kids are taking turns crying because I'm leaving. The big kids seem scared that something bad is going to happen to me. I have made mistakes in the last year by talking about not-so-good stuff in front of them. Now they are convinced that I will be robbed at gunpoint, or raped, or my plane will go down because of mechanical failure! I've tried to reassure them that those things don't NORMALLY happen but the fact that it has happened is all they are focused on. Bad mommy!

Did you know that Delta now has "Economy Comfort" seats? I'm so glad about this! For $90 you can get 4 inches of extra room, your seat reclines 50% more, and you get free booze! Okay, so the booze aren't such a perk for me, but the extra room is! Way back in 2001 when we traveled for Taevy, Eva Airlines had this sort of seat. It was *SO* worth the extra $100 (especially on a 15 hour flight)! I didn't have the moo-la to buy the comfort seat both ways, but Eric allowed me to splurge and get the more comfy seat on the way home. I figure I'll need it more then!

At this point, I just wish I were there already!