Thursday, February 09, 2012

Results are In!

So, I just happened to be due for lab work at the end of 2011. You know...cholesterol and triglycerides and blood sugar, etc.. Then today I had to have the same blood work done for health insurance stuff at Eric's work. In two months of eating better (no crazy better mind you, just mildly better), I can see a difference in my numbers!

Cholesterol is down by 27 points!

Triglycerides are still stupid high, but they are down like 10 points. I'll take it!

Fasting blood sugar was down by 8.

Ideally it would be great if my body decided to lose some weight to go along with the healthier lifestyle. So far it's only shed 6 pounds. 6x10 would be good, but I'll take better lab work over a smaller dress size!


lea 9:07 PM  

Glad to hear it!! Missed u last night BTW. Hope to see you guys soon :) tell Tavey, Erica says HI.

TheBowlingFamily 9:36 PM  

That's great! I struggle with weight and eating's so hard! It's awesome that you're seeing such results!

Rose M. Welch 10:33 PM