Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Welcome to Kwahu

Nothing deep or inspiring tonight. Well, this is inspiring to me. It's a little 2 minute video of the little foster home in Kwahu, Eastern Region that I'll be visiting during my trip. Actually, they'll be moving into a brand new nice beautiful home while I'm there. What's so inspiring? To me, it's just seeing those beautiful faces, hearing the talking and the laughter in the background, and even seeing the sweat on the kids foreheads! This all says "Ghana" to me. At the end of the video where the man says "Welcome to Kwahu," this is Kofi, for those of you who have been assisted with your adoptions by him. =-)


Nik 11:05 PM  

My heart is so happy after seeing this video. God Bless them <3

Janel 8:59 AM  

That was cool! Thanks for sharing Anita!

mommajeane 9:56 AM  

I recognize all of those kiddos and now most of them are home..including our precious 3. Looking forward to hearing more about the orphanage opening when you are there. That is a gift for sure to share in.