Monday, May 07, 2012

Pass it On: God's Provision in Adoption

I talk to so many people about the cost of international adoption.  It's so daunting and people don't know how they would ever come up with the money to pay for it.  I mean, really, would most people think about paying off a $30,000 car in one year?  No way!  And yet, over and over and over again I see the Lord provide for families to adopt, spending that much AND MORE (if adopting siblings) on fees and travel.  Eric and I have done it four times, all four times without a plan at the get-go.  Just as an example, Kendi's adoption cost around $15K, took 7 months from start to finish, and we didn't have a penny in savings for her adoption when we began.  The Lord provided and we were able to complete the adoption without borrowing a penny.  [BTW, I think loans, especially low/no interest, can be a great way to finance an adoption.  It's just now how the Lord chose to work out Kendi's adoption.]

Today I read the blog of one of our AAI families and how the Lord has been providing for their entire adoption.  It's not that the story is so amazing--because again, He does this ALL THE TIME--but I've never seen anybody keep such good records of the ingoing/outgoing of their adoption fund.  It's so cool to SEE the Lord's provision for this family in black and white!  I know the Sullivans won't mind me sharing here because that's what they are all about.  Anyhow, head on over to see how the Lord has provided for them and KNOW that He can provide for you too!


Mama D’s Dozen 10:44 PM  

We committed to adopt 3 siblings (to add to our 10 bio. kids) and had absolutely NO IDEA how the LORD was going to pay for it.

After committing to adopt, we met a couple who was very interested in what we were doing. A week after we met them, they sent us a check for $15,000. Yes. They. Did.

ONLY GOD could provide in such a miraculous way. He then provided extra jobs for my husband, to come up with the additional $10,000.

:) :) :)