Monday, May 07, 2012

Pass it On: Open Eyes, Open Hearts, Open Homes

You might be one of the few people who haven't read the blog "The Blessing of Verity" at some point before.  I got hooked shortly before this wonderful family brought home their second special needs daughter Katie (a 10 year old who passes beautifully as an 18 month old because of the horrible treatment she received in her Bulgarian orphanage).

I thought mom's most recent blog entry was wonderfully written (they all are, really).  Seriously, just look at the transformation her daughter Katie has made in the short time she has been home.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, read the list of words that describe her on paper, but then LOOK at the child herself.  Tell me you aren't moved!

Katie's friends at Plevin need other families to step up and adopt them.  They are waiting to make their own transformation.  They are stuck in tiny misshapen unloved bodies similar to Katie's "before" photo.  It's their turn for a miracle, if they aren't shipped off to a mental institution (or a morgue) first.