Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Holiday Project--Ghana

Dear Friends,
The Holiday Project is a parent-led effort to provide Christmas cheer to hundreds of children in Ghana, West Africa.  This project has been on-going for several years with much success.  In the past the project has been hosted by an adoption agency.  This year, for the first time,  there is no agency involvement.  It is completely up to those individuals who care about the children in Ghana to make this happen!
In Ghana, Christmas is one of the major religious holidays, and is celebrated with much joy.  Although the country doesn’t have the level of materialism that American does, the day is spent gathered with friends and family, eating very special foods (when it can be afforded), and treats are often given to the children.  As you can imagine, these celebrations are often not available for orphaned and vulnerable children and their caregivers.  The goal of The Holiday Project is to provide a Christmas feast and/or a small gift to each of the children in several orphanages, foster homes, and low-income schools in Ghana.  This year’s project will impact about 280 children!
Nyame Dua Teshie--20 kids, $300 for food, $200 for gifts
Nyame Dua Bolga--18 Kids, $300 for food, $180 for gifts (Food is more expensive in the North of the country.)
TRF/CompAfriCare Foster Homes-- 20 kids, $300 for food, $200 for gifts
Children's Home of Hope--30 kids, $250 for food, $300 for gifts [This home has others that help with a Christmas party, so even though $250 isn't enough, it will help with the cost of the food. We can focus more on gifts.).
Great Mission International—50+ kids, $100 for “extras” to their already sponsored Christmas Feast (sodas, cakes, cookies, etc.)
 Kwahu/CompAfriCare Foster Home—10-15 kids, $200 for Christmas Feast
The HomeWaC Free School—100+ children, $300 for Christmas Lunch plus small treat (may be the only Christmas gift many of these children receive)
West African Children’s Foundation—40+ children, $400 for Christmas Feast.
Our TOTAL GOAL for 2012 is $3030!  At the time of publishing, $1000 has already been donated, making our current goal $2030! 
If 81 people donate $25, our goal will be met!  If 100 people donate $25, we will be able to give Christmas gifts to the caregivers of the children!  There is no limit to what we can do.  If more is donated, more children can be blessed this Christmas.  Can you spread the word about this effort?  Any donation is graciously accepted.
You can make a tax deductible donation by going HERE and clicking on the "Christmas" page to get to the donate button.
Interested parties may keep up with the progress of the project by checking out The Holiday Project Facebook Page.  You can learn more about "Ghana Make a Difference"--the organization that is hosting the tax deductible donations--by going to www.ghanamakeadifference.org.
Thank you for making a difference in the life of a Ghanaian child this Christmas.


whenpigsfly 4:12 PM  

I'm trying to donate but I can't get the link to open.

Todd 5:32 PM  


your link to the donation page isn't working for me.


Anita Gillispie 5:38 PM  

Todd, it wasn't working earlier, but I think (hope!) if you try it now it will work. The actual link is www.ghanamakeadifference.org. Then go to the "Christmas" page, then click "donate." Thank you!