Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Birthday Blessing

A friend from Ghana sent a written blessing to me as a birthday present.  It must have been one of the kindest things anybody has ever said to me.  The Lord must have been with him when he wrote it, as his words touched on pretty much ever corner of my hopes and fears for life. 
It's my prayer that as you celebrated your 37th birthday, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself continues to use to affect lives, globally. May the Lord continue to use as a vessel of honour to transform lives both far and near you. May the anointing of the lord be increased upon your life. May those looking for hope, joy, peace and fulfillment find you because the favour of the Lord has dropped on you.

May your family be blessed, protected and delivered from unseen evil forces that pervades around you and your family. May your Husband and children be preserved in the blood of the Living Christ. May sicknesses be far away from you in Jesus might name. No more shall violence be heard in your house, neither shall any plague come near your dwelling. May all your children be taught of the Lord. May the Holy Spirit fill all your children and may your family experience the peace of God that passes all understanding. May the presence of the Lord never depart from from. May the Lord continue to open more doors of opportunity to serve Him and humanity.And above all. may the Lord smile at you. God bless you, Anita.