Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oxytocin Factor

I know I've written about Oxytocin before, but it has been a while. I first learned about Oxytocin from Bryan Post. It's known as the "cuddle" hormone. It is the hormone in our body that is released in an effort to calm fear, anxiety, and pain. We make oxytocin naturally when we laugh, or cuddle, or have s*x, or do other calming/feel good things. I think it should be all of our goals to try to build up our oxytocin each day! If you do a 6-second hug, oxytocin will be released. How easy is that?!

Unfortunately, some of us have a higher level of pain/anxiety/fear than our natural oxytocin can handle. Believe it or not, they have made a manufactured version of the natural hormone. It isn't as good as the real thing--nothing is--but it can really be a help for most people. [There is a small percentage of people who don't receive a benefit from manufactured oxytocin.]

When I attended the Great Behavior Breakdown training this spring, Bryan Post gave each of the attendance a sample bottle of oxytocin drops. I asked if it was appropriate for kids. His answer was that it's more important that parents are in a calm state, so that we can guide our children to become calm with natural oxytocin. However, he said that for some kids with significant anxiety, oxytocin can make a big difference.

I took the bottle home and didn't try it for several days. There was one day the next week when it was total chaos around here. I thought it might be the PERFECT time to see if these little drops could really make a difference in my state of mind.

I didn't notice any big jolt of happiness (although some people report feeling really happy after about 10 minutes). What I did notice is that the things that were taking me outside of my "window of tolerance" just half an hour before, were now manageable. I was in a better state of mind to help my kids and navigate our day in a successful way. I think most people take it two times a day (6 drops) but I found just one time a day was enough to take the edge off of my daily anxiety.

A few days later, Bright was completely out of control. Or rather, his anxiety was controlling him. [We think anxiety is at the root of most of his issues.] I knew the oxytocin wouldn't hurt him, so I decided to see if it would help him. He thought it tasted good (it does--sort of like a breath freshener). Again, I didn't see a "false" person after he took the drops. Bright was still Bright, and I still saw anxiety-driven behaviors. However, the level of the behaviors was not so over the top. It was obvious that the extra bit of oxytocin helped to take the edge off of his anxiety. He also slept better during naptime and during the night (a huge struggle for him).

It became sort of a joke in our house when somebody was stressing. "Uh-oh, I think you need some blue bottle!" [It comes in a blue bottle.]

I took the "blue bottle" with me to Ghana in anticipation of stressful days there. Unfortunately, it spilled. Darn! To be honest, I have missed having it on those extra-stressful days. However, it isn't super cheap. $60 for a month's worth.

I got an email from Bryan Post today letting us know that there is a deal going on right now where you can try a month's worth of oxytocin for free (plus $10 shipping and handling). Good deal! I just ordered our free sample, and also signed up for a monthly "club" where a new bottle will be delivered each month, at a total of $46 a month (and free shipping). It's worth that to our family, to be honest.

If you are interested in trying oxytocin for your family you can just CLICK HERE. I can't say for sure if it will help the stress level in your house, but it certainly helps the stress level in ours. Our goal is still to build up our natural oxytocin, but for those days when the need is more than the supply, we'll be glad to have the little blue bottle around!



P.S. If you order, after you order they will take you to advertisements for a few more products (annoying), but after 2 products you'll be done.


Unknown 1:41 PM  

Your blog is lovely. The pics beautiful. I too am a lover of "the blue bottle!" It was a pretty stressful week with school starting and I was really thankful for the soothing, and calming the Oxytocin Factor provided. I know my daughter was thankful too!