Friday, December 02, 2011

Deck the Halls!

I have had all of our Christmas decorations sitting in the living room since before Thanksgiving. A very little bit got done each day, until Thursday. On Thursday I remembered we had Bright's first IEP meeting at our house that evening. Oops! It was a mad dash to get everything unpacked and displayed before the doorbell rang at 7:30! Seriously, we had just enough time to finish and shove some nasty Taco Bell down our throats before they arrived. Ahh....but it all feels worth it. I just love the first few days after our Christmas decorations are up. So magical.

Our "simple nativity" on the entry table, along with what we call the "Jesus Gift" (to remind us that He is the ultimate gift).

Our "Praying Santa" vignette. It's a weird thing, I know, but traditional in our family. [More info here.]

The dining room--same every year with the Nativity Tree.

Our "Jesse Tree" made the move into the classroom this year. It's nice to have a bit of "trim" in there so the children can enjoy it as they study.

My first nativity set--nothing I would ever purchase these days (not unique enough) but it's special because it was my "grown up"nativity, purchased our first year of marriage.

The Ghana nativity is right at home once again on the breakfast bar.

This is one view from the chair I sit in while I work.

This is the other view. So pretty!

This year I finally had to admit to myself that I have more nativities than I have space. I'm down two display areas since last year! Hard to know that I have some nativities that are still in their boxes, but it is what it is. I suppose I can't justify moving to a larger house just so all of my Christmas decorations have a display area (or could I?)!

There is a part of me that says, "You should feel guilty for all of this excess! This isn't what Christmas is about!" There's another part of me that says, "You should display your very best to celebrate the Lord! Enjoy the beauty He has given us!" Ultimately, I don't think there is anything wrong with having pretty things, and putting them out at this most precious time of the year. Do we display these pretty things at the expense of giving to others? Absolutely not. All about perspective, I suppose.




Mama D.'s Dozen 1:25 AM  

Love it!


I LOVE putting out all of our Christmas decorations, which will hopefully happen this weekend. :)

I don't see anything wrong with having nice and beautiful things, as long as that is not the focus of your life. God doesn't say that we must all live in poverty ... but He does certainly call us to give to others (which you are most definitely doing).

And ... what a witness your house is to anyone that enters, as the focus of your decorating is not on Santa and/or Snowmans, but your focus is on your beautiful nativity sets, which brings the focus to Him. Don't get me wrong ... I love decorating with snowman's, but our nativity set has the most prominent display.

Hope your weekend is BLESSED!


Dani 10:54 PM  

Hi Anita,

One thing I've learned studying some philosophy.. be thankful for what you have, but not ashamed! Don't flaunt it, but don't diminish it either! Take the middle road :) Your family is blessed to have that "excess" for the Holidays, and like you said it's not at the expense of others- in fact, I bet some of your nativities (such as the Ghana ones) helped local artisans make money for their own families. So there is a chain of good amongst your decorations, not to mention the happiness they bring your family.

I love the nativity themes :)

Akum 11:57 PM  

I like the spirit of Christmas and I like how you decorate your house for Christmas.